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Unlocking the Power of Frugal Innovation for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Frugal Innovation, or Frugal Engineering, is a powerful approach that involves simplifying a product or process without compromising its core functionality. This strategy aims to reduce production costs, making it particularly valuable for developing markets. Often referred to as "Jugaad" in Hindi, Frugal Innovation represents a non-conventional, resourceful solution or "hack" that can transform businesses and communities. In this blog post, we will explore two prime examples of Frugal Innovation at work: Godrej's innovative refrigerator, Chotokool, and Arthur Zang's Cardiopad.

Frugal Innovation in Action: Godrej's Chotokool

Godrej, an Indian industrial manufacturing company, successfully applied Frugal Innovation to tap into an underserved market segment in India. They designed a compact 43-litre refrigerator resembling a basic beer cooler, which was engineered using energy-efficient "Peltier" technology. This technology enabled the fridge to operate on batteries and solar power, making it ideal for rural areas in India.

The resulting product, Chotokool, allowed families to store food for up to two days, reducing the need for daily grocery shopping—a time-consuming and costly practice. Additionally, Chotokool empowered small shop owners to stock and sell cold beverages, an opportunity that was previously unattainable during sweltering summer months. Priced at approximately $65 USD, Chotokool became a revolutionary product in the market.

Collaboration with Innosight: A Recipe for Success

Godrej's innovative journey was made possible through a partnership with Innosight, one of the world's leading innovation consultancies. Innosight's expertise helped Godrej identify and eliminate non-essential features from their product, ensuring that Chotokool was both affordable and fit for purpose in its target market.

The Cardiopad by Arthur Zang

Another remarkable example of Frugal Innovation comes from Cameroon, where Arthur Zang, a young engineer, developed the Cardiopad—an affordable, portable tablet device for diagnosing heart disease in remote areas.


In Cameroon, heart disease often goes undiagnosed due to a shortage of cardiologists and the high cost of medical equipment. Many individuals in rural communities cannot afford to travel to urban centers for diagnosis, leaving them without access to crucial medical services.

The Frugal Solution: Cardiopad

Arthur Zang recognized this issue and developed the Cardiopad—a cost-effective, portable electrocardiogram (ECG) device that can be used by healthcare professionals in rural settings. The device records and digitizes ECG signals, which can then be transmitted wirelessly to a cardiologist for interpretation and diagnosis. This process eliminates the need for patients to travel long distances to consult with specialists.

Affordability and Impact

The Cardiopad, priced at approximately $2,000 USD, is significantly more affordable than traditional ECG machines, which can cost upwards of $10,000 USD. By utilizing frugal engineering principles, Zang was able to create a device that democratized access to critical heart disease diagnostic services.


The Cardiopad has the potential to save countless lives in Cameroon and other countries facing similar healthcare challenges.

In addition to its affordability, the Cardiopad has a significant social impact. By providing remote access to medical expertise, the device empowers local healthcare professionals to offer better care to their patients. Furthermore, the Cardiopad enables the early detection of heart disease, which can lead to more effective treatment and improved health outcomes for patients.


Frugal Innovation offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to create value in resource-constrained environments. By focusing on simplifying products and processes without sacrificing core attributes, businesses can unlock new markets and drive sustainable growth. As demonstrated by Godrej's Chotokool and Arthur Zang's Cardiopad, embracing Frugal Innovation can lead to transformative results, ultimately benefiting both businesses and the communities they serve.

By examining these success stories, entrepreneurs and businesses can learn valuable lessons on how to leverage limited resources, streamline product development, and adapt to local market conditions. In doing so, they can foster sustainable growth and make a lasting impact on the lives of people in developing markets and beyond. Embracing the spirit of Frugal Innovation can not only contribute to a company's success but also improve the quality of life for countless individuals across the globe.

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